Book presentation Humberto Tan


Amsterdam 17 november 2022 
Boekpresentatie van het boek over 100 jarigen van Humberto Tan .[/caption]

November 17, 2022

Book presentation of Humberto Tan’s book about centenarians.

On November 17, a part of the 100-plus group were guests at the book presentation of Humberto Tan. During this meeting he presented his new book :Morgen gaat het beter”. 

Henne Holstege had the honor of receiving the first copy from Humberto Tan himself. In his book, a hunderd centenarians are visited and interviewed. All centenarians were asked the same questions. “At what point in your life were you the happiest? Have you known fear in your life? Do you still have any dreams? And do you have a health recommendation?” 

The 100-plus team is very proud of Henne. We are thrilled that she received the first copy.