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100-plus day 2023

On 1st September we celebrated the 100-plus day. We had a wonderful day with all the researchers and our participating centenarians. We enjoyed a great lunch, a quiz and music. It was fantastic!

100-plus day 2022!

Photo of the participants together with the study team at the 100-plus day 2022 by Liesbeth Dingemans. Finally! After 2 years of COVID we celebrated a 100-plus Day with the centenarian participants of the 100-plus Study! They teach us how…

Henne Holstege speaking at NHAD21

Dr. Henne Holstege presented at the VIB conference series: New Horizons in Alzheimer’s Disease (hybrid edition). Below you can find the recording of her presentation ‘Learning from cognitively healthy centenarians to escape dementia’.