Media attention

Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to the 100-plus study. Below you will find an overview of the media attention.

“Tijd voor Max”

On Wednesday, February 1, 2023, Henne Holstege was a guest on the program ‘Tijd voor MAX’. Following a publication in Het Parool and AD, Henne was given the opportunity to talk about the 100-plus survey. 


During the broadcast, Henne answered a number of questions about the research. Do you want to watch the broadcast? You can do so via the following link (in Dutch): Tijd voor MAX – Huub stapel gaat theater in met solovoorstelling – MAX Vandaag

“Article het Parool”

Would you like to read the article from Het Parool? You can do so via this link: In order to understand Alzheimer’s disease, Henne Holstege is researching healthy over-100s: ‘One common denominator: they are all optimists’ ( The article is in Dutch.


Om alzheimer te begrijpen onderzoekt Henne Holstege juist gezonde 100-plussers: ‘Eén grote gemene deler: het zijn allemaal optimisten’ (